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Bipartite Settlements with Workmen

Indian Banks' Association has been representing managements of banks in negotiations with recognised Trade Unions for wage settlement of disputes resolution since 1966. Prior to that, disputes between bank managements and employees were settled through awards notified by Central Government under provisions of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.

The following awards are seen as benchmarks :

Sastri Award 1953 (This is linked to the publication in the Publication List)
Desai Award 1962 (This is linked to the book listed in the Publication List)

I Bipartite Settlement Dated 19.10.1966
A landmark in the history of Industrial Relations and collective bargaining in the country.

II Bipartite Settlement dated 12.10.1970
Major achievements of this settlement were abolition of classification of areas for the purpose of pay scales, DA, reduction in span of scales of pay from 25 to 20 years. The settlement was signed with single majority union in the banking industry viz. AIBEA

III Bipartite Settlement dated 01.08.1979

Under this settlement, State Bank of India also became a party to the Industry level Bipartite Settlement alongwith other 'A' Class banks.
Settlement on 'Other Issues' was signed on 31.10.1979.

IV Bipartite Settlement dated 17.09.1984
Provisions for improvements in working in banks' offices/branches were highlighted.
Settlement on Residual Issues was signed on 05.01.1987.
Settlement in respect of 4 'B' Class banks was signed on 28.02.1985.

V Bipartite Settlement 10.04.1989
Supplementary settlement dated 29.06.1990.
Provided improvement in pay scales, DA, HRA etc.
Settlement on Residual Issues on 16.07.1991.
Soon after signing the Vth Bipartite Settlement AIBEA, sought for further improvement on the settled terms on the grounds of relativity.

VI Bipartite Settlement dated 14.02.1995
Appropriate clauses were included in furtherance of customer service, efficiency, discipline and working in banks' branches besides further revision in the service conditions
Settlement on residual issues was signed on 28.11.1997.

Settlement on Computerisation and Mechanisation
Settlement on Computerisation and Mechanisation was signed on 29.10.1993.
Settlement on Pension to Bank Employees was signed on 29.10.1993.

VII Bipartite Settlement dated 14.12.1999

Settlement on Disciplinary Action Procedure for workmen signed on 10/04/2002

VIII Bipartite Settlement dated 02.06.2005
Important provisions relating to deployment of staff, use of IT, rationalisation of special pay post.

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